UAB ALUMNITA specializes in the area of welding of aluminium, steel and stainless steel. We are happy to offer high-quality services of welding of aluminium, steel and stainless steel to our customers. The distinctive feature of our company is application of an aluminium robotic welder that allows carrying out works of large volume qualitatively and rapidly. More information is available by info@alumnita.lt We differ from other companies because we offer automated welding services, i.e. robotic welding services. We weld aluminium, steel and stainless steel using the ABB robot and MIG “Fronius Cold Metal Transfer” welding device, which allows carrying out works of large volume qualitatively, precisely and rapidly.

We apply the following welding methods:
Welding by fusible electrode MIG/MAG
Robotic welding

More about welding method: welding by the cold metal transfer (CMT) method is carried out with the help of inverter current source. Although this welding system is supplied with the latest technical equipment that is used also by the systems of arc welding with fusible electrode in inert/active gas (MIG/MAG), it was made taking the specific requirements into account. Special attention should be given to the dynamic wire supply mechanism installed on the welding fuse. If the current increases briefly, the welding current decreases and the welding wire is retracted. Only one drop is separated and no welding spatter is formed. Then the welding wire is removed and the cycle is repeated. High frequency and extraordinary precision are the main requirements that ensure proper welding control. The feeder located on the welding fuse is meant to regulate speed and not the high traction power. Therefore the wire is supplied by more powerful but slower supply mechanism. Special tip on the feeder’s hose is used to change the modulated high-frequency wire supply movements into the linear ones.
More information about the provided welding service is available by info@alumnita.lt

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